Entrevista a Slow Magic, Músico Americano [Músico Fusing]

Slow Magic! O único cabeça de cartaz do Fusing Culture Experience que não fala português, mas que traz um toque de magia, literalmente. Fiquei muito entusiasmada assim que comecei a ouvir as suas músicas e mais, assim que procurei vídeos das suas performances ao vivo! Um conceito diferente do que estamos habituados, desde a ocultação da sua própria identidade a nunca mostrar sequer a face, mas de uma originalidade diferente do comum dado o tipo de música. Andado praticamente sozinho em tour, não utiliza apenas os computadores como também uma bateria/tambores ao vivo! Aqui fica a entrevista que aceitou, amavelmente, dar o blogue. Mantive em inglês, mas podem usar o http://itools.com/tool/google-translate-web-page-translator para traduzir o post.

First of all, thank you for being our imaginary friend. Have you ever had any?

         You’re welcome! I grew up with a few imaginary friends. They were animals.

Why “Slow Magic”? You seem to work your magic pretty fast.

            “Slowbecause it takes me a long time to make music, or anything. I am a perfectionist.“Magicbecause music is unexplainable magic.

You play since a very young age. Where did this passion come from? 

         I grew up around music and it was always exciting to me. Every type of art has inspired me to try to make it.

I read that you recorded a fake radio show on cassette tape when you were young. Was this the beginning of your creative process?

         It was definitely the beginning of recording music for me, even though i didn’t think about that too much. I would talk about the songs and then play all of them on a little keyboard or a toy flute.

What first inspired you to use live drums in your show?

         Right before one of my first shows, my computers sound card broke. So I gave my iPod to the sound guy and borrowed a floor tom from the first band. From        that point on, I had to keep drums a big part of the live show.

Where the inspiration for your mask came from?

         I want people to focus on just the art and not a face or a location. My friend, Jonas McCluggage, painted the mask based on an imaginary animal at a rave.

How important is the imagistic in you live show?

         I want the show to look good and sound good at the same time. I think both aspects are equally important.

Do you ever feel lonely in your shows, or playing solo is exactly your thing? Do you enter in a world of yours and everything else disappears?

         I enjoy playing alone but sometimes I miss playing music with others. It does help me focus on the show and get lost in it, but when other people are playing with you it takes some pressure off of being the only one up there.

Besides the music you create, you also do the artwork for them. Do you think that music and contemporary art are strongly connected? Can one live without the other?

         I really enjoy working on the visual side of everything. I have a lot of talented friends who also help and I couldn’t do it without them (Luca Venter, Mariel Bennett, Sneakyboy), I definitely think that the music and the artwork are very connected. Some people can make them separately, but for me they are a perfect companion.

It’s the second time you come to play in Portugal. Are you excited to come back to our country? How was the first experience in Porto? 

         Im excited to finally come back! Its been a long time and I really enjoyed my short visit the first time. I remember there were a lot of old TVs on the stage and I played with a whole drum set at the end of the show. I also remember a lot of cigarette smoke.

In 14th August you will play at Fusing, where the stage is in a private beach. Have you ever played in a venue like this?

         I’ve never played on a beach! That sounds beautiful, like a dream.

You are one of the fewest artists that do not talk portuguese at Fusing festival, how it is to be a head liner in a festival like this? 

         That is great, I love getting to travel all over the place. I wish I knew every language. 🙂


Thank you so much for your time. See you at Fusing Festival☺

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