Tide Of Time/Happy New Year por Vladimir Kush

Tide Of Time – In the outlines of rocks coming together we could see the contours of an inexorable hourglass. The upper cone is a symbol of the heavenly ocean of the future, of innumerable possibilities opening for the people sitting on the shore. The lower vessel symbolizes the past where the mists of unrealized events, dreams and desires are floating around. We see the chronons – sands of time dropping onto the bottom of the hourglass and transforming themselves into the pebbles of frozen history. The artist depicts the time of tide when the people look into the future. Streams of light and a sail appearing on the horizon promise them happiness and the fullness of life.

Our lives appear timeless, yet anyone observing how we spend our days might think that we don’t appreciate the time that we have been given. As we say goodbye to 2010 and hello 2011, how can we make better use of our time, and what can we promise ourselves?

I would lke to promise my fans a Happy New Year! May the Tides of Time slow down long enough for you to recognize the beauty that surrounds you in this precious moment. 

Vladimir Kush

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