[FreshFindings] All My Madness com Broken Record

Descobri All My Madness há alguns meses atrás, mas novamente na sequência do reboliço que foi a minha vida até agora, só hoje partilho convosco “Broken Record”, um tema que desafia o desconforto, ao mesmo tempo que contém uma linguagem sonora íntima e desafiante. A história por trás de All My Madness:

On January 18, 2016, I suddenly went completely deaf in my left ear. Being only 18 at the time and scared shitless, I decided to take a leave of absence from studying Music Composition at NYU Steinhardt. All My Madness became something therapeutic for me. I spent many nights staying up way too late having panic attacks about where my future would go, having spent the past five years of my life learning to make music with two ears and suddenly having to adapt and rehabilitate. I was going fucking crazy and I think the album really speaks to that, but in the end “this life is what you make it, so don’t just sit around”.

Sobre este lançamento:

Jacob Neely, also known as All My Madness, grew up in Los Angeles and decided to pursue music composition at NYU Steinhardt.

During his Freshman year, Jacob woke up one day suddenly deaf in his left ear. It hasn’t changed since. He completed his Freshman year, but after a psychological breakdown over the summer, he decided to take the next year off, rehabilitating to hearing the world with one ear. Music became a therapeutic tool to get through his darkest moments of depression and self-doubt.

After a year off, Jacob returned to NYU to continue his studies. During his Sophomore year, he released his debut, self-titled album, All My Madness. He finished the school year, but eventually decided to dropout.

Following the narrative of the first album, Daylight Waits continues to delve into his lost identity. At first listen, the album seems to be about a breakup, but is truly a letter to his old self. “Every night, I have trouble sleeping. My heart begins to race as thoughts clutter my mind when I close my eyes. At some point, seeing the sunrise each morning became comforting – almost as if I had successfully lived until tomorrow and could now go to bed.”

This album tells the story of a spaceman embarking on a journey with no return. He fears leaving this reality and the person he was, but can’t face the what the world has become. It presents the struggles of finding the strength to carry out his mission alone – leaving his old life behind as he waits for the sun to rise once again.

Todas as descobertas fresquinhas AQUI.

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