[Queres é (a) Letra!] Blitz Vega – Lost & Found

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Aqui fica uma partilha que me surpreendeu assim que a música começou a tocar. Juntem Andy Rourke, dos The Smiths, e Kav Sandhu, dos Happy Mondays, e deixem-se mesmerizar por Lost & Found, o primeiro single oficial deste novo duo. Diria que esta música mostra a beleza do que é ser-se veterano na cena musical. Há uma pujança e uma energia tão visceral que é impossível ouvir e ficar indiferente. A equipa foi de luxo e agora só nos resta esperar por mais. Deixo-vos com a informação oficial do projecto, assim como algumas informações sobre o tema, o vídeo e a letra! 

“There’s no other song we’ve written that describes the journey we’ve been on creating this project. Little did we know when we started out what we had ahead of us,” says Andy.

“Ironically, this is the first song we recorded and it’s relevant for so many different reasons. From a personal point of view it definitely resonates. But it also relates to the world today & the issues many people are struggling with. When we started recording this record three years ago the world was a very different place politically. These past few years have really been a journey on all fronts.”


Andy Rourke (of The Smiths), one of the most revered bass players in alternative music, based out of N.Y.C has teamed up with British, L.A. based front-man & former Happy Mondays guitarist KAV to launch a new music project,”BLITZ VEGA”. The band debuted their first track “Hey Christo” in April.

After a triumphant debut live performance at The House of Machines in Los Angeles last month, the band have released their newest Single “Lost & Found”.

Mixed by Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream/ Kasabian/ Massive Attack), “Lost & Found” is a blend of The Stooges and Oasis, with a backbone of the Chemical Brothers & The Prodigy. There’s a distinct breakbeat driving the track, which presents a Wall Of Noise with everything turned to to the max; the perfect indie rock concoction. 

The band recorded their album in L.A, & have filmed a Live EP @ Abbey Road Studios in London; Live Clip from Abbey Road.

Blitz Vega will be releasing more music throughout 2019 & will be announcing Album & Touring plans for 2020.

So it all begins

It’s time to make a stand

This is what you’ve been waiting for

No more love to burn

So much more to learn

Searching for wisdom in the lost & found

As the sun rests

So much fun to have

All this chaos

We’ll party till the end

I aint giving up

On the dreams I have

Looking for answers

In the books I read

Wont let it wont let it, it won’t take me apart

Wont let it wont let it, it wont take me apart.

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