[FreshFindings] Minru lança o belíssimo EP Yearnings

Conheci Minru através do lançamento do seu single “Forest”, cuja letra podem encontrar mais à frente. Fiquei desde logo encantada com a sua voz e com a componente instrumental. Ambos conjugam-se numa sensibilidade que nos aquece o coração, mas que também nos incita a combatermos os nossos demónios. Em Yearning mergulhamos em universos alternativos onde o imaginário e o real se entrelaçam, sendo a camada que os separa muito subtil. Isto permite-nos evocar paisagens e cenários com os quais nos sentimos mais confortáveis de forma a deixarmos as emoções fluirem. São canções que vêm de dentro e por isso conseguem chegar até nós de forma natural e visceral. Saibam mais sobre o EP nas seguintes declarações: 

Yearnings is a beautifully organic collection of neo-folk vignettes that combine elements of folk and dream pop, creating something that is truly compelling. Each track is delicately weaved with the use of hypnotic drumbeats, atmospheric piano melodies and circular guitar pickings, bringing together Nordic story-telling with somehow magical and fantastic elements, sounding akin to the likes of Sóley and Agnes Obel. Minru’s vibrating yet tender vocals are at the forefront throughout, soaring effortlessly over the intriguing musicality and intelligent songwriting.

Just like the name of the EP reveals, it’s about longing- back to a more intrinsic, natural way of living but also the longing for self-discovery. It takes a peek beneath the surface and dives into the subconscious self, where the deepest longings try to find reconciliation with the darker, hidden parts of the mind. Minru elaborates ”the music is quite simple in its structure and builds much on repetition, so on Yearnings I worked a lot with the arrangements of the songs to give them more dynamic, more life. I recorded the EP together with a drummer and a pianist in a studio in Berlin and we played around with quite unusual but very interesting sounding instruments, such as vintage synthesizers, a tiny metallic toy piano and an old harmonium. There is also an original Hammond organ ringing on many of the recordings, which I really like, because it adds a very raw and at the same time deep textures to the production.”

Música adicionada à Playlist Fresh Findings do blogue no Spotify.


The city is a forest

Where vultures walk the streets

And tall buildings rising

Like trees over me

The roads they are rivers

The pavements their shores

Behind them there are mountains

Surrounding us all

The beasts that are living

Here are hunting carnivores

Who can’t feed their hunger

With their fangs or their claws

And the signs of the current

They read them like stars

Repeat them like mantras

Of what they are

Of all that I seeked

Is now an empty white sheet

I just want to be and feel

Sway like wild grass on the breeze

And let my days pass complete

Until I surrender in endless sleep

When we all will mold in the fields

And float back into the creeks

And just like the forest

It’s the nature laws

That keep things in order

In this giant sprawl

I’ve been looking for an exit

To the straying of my thoughts

But I’m tied to the forest

And its primal calls

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